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CAWS Women’s Health Workshop Series

This Short Series has been put together to support fitness professionals and other leaders in fitness to understand the evolving needs of females during the Menstrual Cycle, and the changes brought on by the Menopause. 

The Menstrual Cycle is the most common biological oscillation that is overlooked by the average Coach and Practitioner; this is something that impacts a huge portion of the population and has a direct impact on how the individual feels and performs. Likewise, the Menopause is a key area of biological change for females as they age, and one that should be factored into whatever exercise regime they are undergoing at the time, and the training needs associated with the menopausal change and those exercise demands. 

Join exercise and nutrition scientist Dr Col Robertson and elite level performance coach Johnny Sinclair as they unpack: 

1. The Menstrual Cycle and Menopause Basics
2. Considerations for the Coach, including elements that you may not have previously considered
3. Managing client expectations when it comes to the Menstrual Cycle, the Menopause, changes and adaptations 
4. How these considerations and adaptations might show up in a programme 

What is included?

Episode 01: The Menstrual Cycle Basics

Episode 02: The Menopause 

A downloadable quick-look reference tool to help programme design for females during the Menstrual Cycle, and the Menopause 

Interactive example programmes

Graduate Coaches will be listed on the CAWS Registry of Graduates for CAWS Womens Health Workshop Series